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why should we hire you?

We specialize in eCommerce. Having a professionally designed store give visitors confidence to purchase your products and services. Furthermore, we can pass our experience of the market on to you and are able to offer services that are not replicated by automated tools.

What are the requirements to start up an ecommerce store?
  • Decide on your product.
  • Set your pricing.
  • Research shipping costs and options.
  • Pick a domain name and brand.
  • Choose your eCommerce platform.
  • Start your eCommerce website development and planning
  • Set up a merchant account.
  • Start selling!
What's the best eCommerce platform?

Shopify. When it comes to ecommerce hosting platform, Shopify is most popular with clients. Other popular platforms include WooCommerce WordPress and BigCommerce.

How much does an eCommerce site cost?

The answer is quite simply… it all depends. The vast majority of eCommerce websites we develop and launch typically range anywhere from $1,500 – $20,000.

do you offer ongoing support?

Yes. Once the store is launched we can track your store looking for points of weakness. Carry out user testing to discover where things are going wrong and provide ongoing monitoring and evolution.

Client resources


This document contains all of the necessary information we need in order to build your proposal as accurately as possible.

10 Questions that will determine your marketing strategy

1. Who is your ideal customer?
2. What core problem do you solve for ideal customers?
3. Who are your primary competitors?
4. What is your primary competitive advantage?
5. What is your sample offer to first time customers?
6. What is your maximum cost to acquire a new customer?
#7. How many new customers you can handle per month?
#8. How do you ensure prompt follow-up on sales inquiries?
9. What target keywords do you want to rank in Google?
10. How do you measure marketing investments?

6 Social Media questions we will ask

1) Difference and positioning: What makes your brand different?

2) Current Initiatives on Social : What does your current social media marketing program look like? What platforms does your brand have a presence on?

3) What are the backgrounds, demo and geographic profiles of your target customers?What are their interests, online preferences, and purchase decision pain points?How do they research, evaluate, choose, and buy your product or service?What would they find funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring?

4) Objectives: What are your specific, measurable goals for social media marketing? A year from today, how would you measure your brand’s social media presence a “success?” What are your measurable goals for marketing, sales, and customer service? How would you define success for each social media channel?

5) Vision: Tell us about your brand’s vision? Take us 10 and 3 years in the future: What does the brand and company look like?What does the future of your industry look like, and what role does your brand play in it? What else should be known about your growth plans?

6) Expectations of our Relationship: What are you looking for in a social media agency partner?
Are you looking for a long-term partner or short-term support? Which aspects of social would you like to own in the short-term? Long-term? Where would you most value outside support? What budget range are you able allocate to social (or this initiative) this year?

new ecommerce client questions

1. Is the purpose of the website only eCommerce, or will there be pages supporting other aspects of the business?
2. What will you be selling online?
3. Roughly how many different products or services will you be selling online?
4. Will these products or services be separated into
different categories or subcategories?
5. Will these products have “attributes” ?
6. Are any products customized for the client?
7. Do you have existing photography for your products?
8. Will you be shipping product?
9. Will you need to charge sales or other tax separately for the items?
10. Do you have an existing merchant account or online payment gateway?
11. Do you sell services or products that require regular recurring billing?
12. Do you need to present certain products, prices,
discounts, or content to specific visitors, such as
customers, wholesalers, retailers, or distributors?
13. Do you need to track limits on items being sold?
14. Do you need your eCommerce store to integrate with any other existing systems? And if so, which ones?
15. Will you want to implement an affiliate or Referral program?
16. What sort of reporting for fulfillment do you require?
17. Do you require your site to be multilingual?
18. Do you require your site to accept multiple currencies?
19. Do you require us to import or migrate old data to your new site?
20. Where are you hosting your eCommerce site?
21. How does your host handle caching?

How much does an eCommerce site cost?

The answer is quite simply… it all depends. The vast majority of eCommerce websites we develop and launch typically range anywhere from $1,500 – $20,000.

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We believe that the best professional relationships are built on mutual understanding and respect, and that’s why we aim to get to know and form long-term customer relationships with our clients and their business.


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