Sharetribe Theme Development | Kindarma

Kindarma offers a place to connect with everyday heroes who have survived the challenges life brings. This connection, through a shared experience, creates an empathy that is unique to those who have also been there. Whatever you are going through, chances are there are others who have been there before. You are not alone. We believe the sharing of these experiences brings hope and kinship.

The Problem

The client did not like any of the available Sharetribe themes and asked us to design a theme that will fit the Sharetribe framework. The theme imagery and mood needed to convey the essence of the Kindarma brand.

The Solution

We created branding boards to lay out the entire brand at one glance, including all logos, patterns, color palette and typography to ensure consistency across all platforms. Our unique theme design included detailed, high impact emotional images and icons, creating an emotional connection with subscribers and promotes the Kindarma story.

“A hero is one that heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same” Yung Pueblo

Our commitment is to help people share their experiences, and in doing so, reduce the isolation and separation we can all feel when facing life’s challenges.