Shopify Theme Development

Custom Theme Development for an e-Commerce Store



Custom theme design and development for a Shopify eCommerce store selling bicycles and related products.



Bicycle Store



The client wanted a unique, minimal Shopify design from a non Shopify theme example they provided. The site needed to include pricing to the collections, a custom 2 column bordered layout and menu system to showcase their products. 



  • Code a new Shopify theme according to client specifications
  • The product pages are custom styled to show related products.
  • Designed unique collections and product page layout
  • Custom coding to contain images and text length to constrain product height

Product Page

Collection Page

Checkout & Cart Page

Mobile View

Desktop View

Cumulative data anticipates a 276.9% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales over the most-recently tracked period.

Data compiled within The Global Ecommerce Playbook