Shopify Theme Development

Branding & Design

HeartSoulColors sell sacred geometry products such as crystal  jewelry, downloadable coloring pages, clothing, decor, amethyst biomats, and high-vibrational creations for home, office, and car.



Shopify e-Commerce Store Theme Development, Branding & Design.






The client contracted us to create branding, graphic images and a Shopify store theme for her sacred geometry store.




  • Create branding boards to accentuate the colors, symbols and meanings of the store items
  • Design the graphics, banners and images to match the branding of the store
  • Use detailed, high impact images to create an emotional connection
  • Designed, developed and set-up of the theme
  • Created a download section where clients can purchase and download coloring pages
  • Add share buttons to easily share articles on Social Media

Banner Designs

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. It unites the mind and the heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality. Everything in nature is made up of patterns, structures, and designs from the smallest atom to the infinite universe. Each of nature’s creations reveals to us the nature of that object and its own energetic vibration. Thus every creation has a unique vibratory frequency. The interaction of all the vibratory frequencies found in creation show us the intrinsic unity of the part to the whole.