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Kindarma offers a place to connect with everyday heroes who have survived the challenges life brings. This connection, through a shared experience, creates an empathy that is unique to those who have also been there. Whatever you are going through, chances are there are others who have been there before. You are not alone. We believe the sharing of these experiences brings hope and kinship.


Blog connecting to Sharetribe Community Site




The client requested a WordPress blog that seamlessly connect to their main site hosted on Sharetribe. We created a WordPress blog that matches the theme design of the main site and connected the menu between the blog and main site to form a seamless integration with the main site. Since the main site have many authors we needed to develop the author section of the blog to extend each individual author’s reach and provide an additional connection point between author and member.


  • Create branding boards to unify the Sharetribe site and WordPress blog
  • Design the blog theme to match the main Sharetribe site
  • Use detailed, high impact images to create an emotional connection
  • Developed the Author section to highlight articles published by individual authors
  • Connect the menu to the main site for a seamless integration
  • Add share buttons to easily share articles on Social Media
  • Create blog page (previous/next article) section to easily move through the articles


“A hero is one that heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same” Yung Pueblo

Our commitment is to help people share their experiences, and in doing so, reduce the isolation and separation we can all feel when facing life’s challenges.

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